Application for Suigetsu: ACCEPTED!!

uwu such a great app, wow. we get team taka feels now right?!?!??!?! :D

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-|-|- OFFICALLY OPEN -|-|-

Hello all you wonderful guys and gals~ Today marks the OFFICAL opening of Speakeasy Shinobi. So, from this point on, activity checks will in fact be a thing, as will events and the like.

I see some of you have started roleplaying already, and that is wonderful and dandy, yes~ Carry on!


Application for Neji: ACCEPTED!!

wow this was the worst application I have ever seen I am so sorry you guys have to RP with this horror please put up with them

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Application for Tenten: ACCEPTED!!

wow omg stand up for women pal you got this

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Application for Sasuke: ACCEPTED!!

eeeeeeee yay excitement everywhere Itachi and Sasuke threads everywhere woooo

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Application for Kabuto: ACCEPTED although very begrudgingly

urg fine your app was quite good +1,000,000

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Application for Karin: ACCEPTED!!

eeeeeeeee Taka Team omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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Application for Orochimaru: ACCEPTED!!

yaaaay so excited for Oro to wonderfully para wonderful things yay CORRUPTION FTW

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Application for Ino Yamanaka: ACCEPTED!!

ooooh yay speakeasy singer my fav get ready to get out there and break some hearts

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Application for Gaara: ACCEPTED

wow way to show me up my friend why are you guys so great arg movtivators y’all are time to do a thing and such

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